Native Landscaping

Save Our Shorelines

Portage is home to a diverse number of ecosystems which we are all stewards to protect.  One of these environments are the 11 lakes and wetlands in the City of Portage featuring 48.52 miles of shoreline. Shorelines are important for attracting and providing habitats for butterflies, fish, frogs, and turtles, in addition to limiting erosion and creating healthier lakes and streams.  

Natural shorelines also discourage geese and other waterfowl to your lawn since they typically choose property that has easy access to a large open lawn that also can’t hide predators. This is the perfect time of year to enhance shorelines with native plantings.  The city has resources to help you choose plantings to beautify your yards naturally, develop rain gardens, and prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. These “Smart Gardening” flyers are compliments of the MSU Extension Office and  can be downloaded HERE.  Printed copies are also available at Portage Parks & Recreation, 320 Library Lane.  Save our Shorelines as a “Natural Place to Move” in Portage.

City Hall Exhibition: Wild Wetlands: The Secret Life of Bogs

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