ADULT PICKLEBALL LEAGUES – Co-ed Competitive and Recreational

Nothing says Portage Summer like playing pickleball. Leagues will be offered on Tuesdays (Competitive), Wednesday, (Intermediate) and Thursday (Recreational) from 6 to 7:30 PM at Ramona Park (8600 South Sprinkle Road) and Lakeview Park (9345 Portage Road).  Two six-week sessions are offered over the summer for each league. There is something for every skill level.

League DivisionLeague BeginsDay of the week
Competitive Session 1June 1Tuesdays
Intermediate Session 1June 2Wednesdays
Recreational Session 1June 3Thursdays

Registration for the first session will begin on April 26 and close on May 24

League DivisionLeague BeginsDay of the week
Competitive Session 2July 13Tuesdays
Intermediate Session 2July 14Wednesdays
Recreational Session 2July 15Thursdays

Registration for the second session will begin on June 7 and close on July 5

League Division Descriptions

Advanced League:  This league is for the competitive pickleball player. Games will be played to 11 or 15 points and points will be kept and your score will move you up or down a court the following week. Competition is key. 

Intermediate League:  This league is for the person that wants more competition than the recreational league, but less than the Advanced league.  You will play with all the people at your particular park and will move up, or down a court if you win or lose your game.  Points will not be kept from week to week.  

Recreational League:  This league is for the beginner, or person interested in playing social pickleball with others.  Games will be timed. 




Beginner Clinic

Thursday, May 27, 5:30 - 7 PM @ Ramona Park 

If you ever wondered what pickleball was all about, this clinic is for you! National Champions, Jim & Yvonne Hackenberg will being teaching players how to play the game, a few basic game strategies, and drills to practice to improve your game. Participants must bring their own paddle but balls will be provided. Registration begins April 22 and ends May 20.

Intermediate Clinic

Monday, June 21, 5:30 - 7 PM @ Ramona Park 

Ready to take your pickleball game to the next level? Participants should have a basic understanding of pickleball and the rules of pickleball or completed the Beginner Clinic. The Intermediate Clinic will focus on more advanced strategies, practice exercises to improve your game, and helpful hints to advance your own personal game.  Participants must bring their own paddle but balls will be provided. Registration begins May 24 and ends June 14.

Space is limited for leagues and clinics, so don’t wait to register! To register, click on the purple Recreation Activities & Facility Rentals button below.  

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Looking for other pickleball courts for recreational play (non-league)? All of our tennis courts at Ramona Park, Lakeview Park, Lexington Green Park, Westfield Park, Haverhill Park and Oakland Drive Park are convertible to pickleball by just lowering the net.