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The City of Portage is pleased to announce the new “MovePortage” program. This initiative is designed to promote a cycling culture, reduce CO2 emissions, and create a health-focused program for the community.  By collaborating with local businesses to offer amenities to cyclists to assist in their travels, it will create a more bike friendly environment for our community.

To become a “MovePortage” Bike Friendly Business, companies are evaluated on their bicycle amenities and cycling advocacy.  Please click HERE to download the application and apply.  You may also fill out an online application by clicking HERE.  If accepted, the business will be awarded the Portage Bicycle Friendly Business status for two years with the following recognition:

  • “MOVEPORTAGE” decal (shown above) which can be placed on a window or door, and online media. 
  • Listing in the press release about the program
  • Listing on the City of Portage website and Facebook
  • Business logo on the online City of Portage Bike Map
  • Listing in the City newsletter “The Portager” that is mailed to over 24,000 Portage households as a business that is bike friendly.
  • Assist in creating a bike friendly culture in Portage.

Criteria for the MovePortage designation will be for organizations that welcome cyclists, have facilities to accommodate bicycles, and a have a desire to continue working toward a more bike friendly culture in the community.  For more information on how to become a bike friendly business, call the Portage Parks & Recreation Department at 269-329-4522 or email

Some businesses already part of the "MovePortage" Bicycle Friendly Network include: