Local Road Project Alerts

Chip Sealing information

Chip and Fog Sealing programs consist of maintenance to prolong the life of selected streets.  These improvements include the following:

  1. Crack sealing the street
  2. Removing the street's edge berm to expose the entire surface of the road
  3. Applying the chip seal material to the street
  4. Sealing the newly installed chip seal with an emulsion fog spray
  5. Sweeping any loose stones

*Note: during the street's edge berm removal, a small section of yards along the street will be removed by equipment to totally expose the street surface and any damage to your yard will be restored following the completion of the project.

Mill and Fill Information

The City of Portage Street Mill and Fill Program consists of major maintenance to selected streets to enhance structural integrity and ride quality, as well as prolong the life of the street. These improvements include the removal of badly worn areas of the road and overlaying the surface with 1.5 inches of new asphalt.

Tac Coat Warning

Residents should be aware that a “tac coat” (oily substance) is sprayed on the street prior to paving in order to bond the new asphalt to the old surface.  Driving on the tac coat should be avoided as this material may attach to tires and vehicle undercarriages, and may be carried onto your driveway or garage floor.

General Program Information

Advanced Notification

Affected residents will be notified via an informational door hanger on the day prior to the scheduled construction for your specific street. 

One Lane Travel

One lane of travel will remain open during the resurfacing process.

  1. Chip Seal Schedule 2022
  2. Mill and Fill Schedule 2022
Street Name Chip Seal Date
Nash Avenue (Sprinkle Road - East Shore Drive) Completed
East Shore Drive (Nash Avenue - Cox's Drive) Completed
Autumn View Lane (Mandigo Avenue - Dead End) Completed
Summer Avenue (East Dead End - West Dead End) Completed
Woodhams Avenue (Woody Noll Drive - East Shore Drive Completed
Gertrude Drive (Ramona Avenue to Dead End) Completed
Lansing Avenue (Gertrude Drive - Portage Road) Completed
Linneman Avenue (Ramona Avenue to Lansing Avenue) Completed
Ramona Avenue (Portage Road - Lovers Lane) Completed
Mandigo Avenue (Portage Road - Andrews Street) Completed
Corporate Avenue (Bishops Avenue - Cul-de-sac) Completed
Environmental Drive (South Sprinkle Road - Quality Way) Completed
East Centre Avenue (South Sprinkle Road - City Limts) Completed
Balmoral Street (North Dead End - South Dead End) Completed
Biscayne Avenue (South Sprinkle Road - Balmoral Street) Completed
Florinda Avenue (Balmoral Street - Windwood Street) Completed
North Windwood Street (Florinda Avenue - Biscayne Avenue) Completed
South Windwood Street (Biscayne Avenue - Pompano Avenue) Completed
Pompano Street (South Sprinkle Road - Balmoral Street) Completed
Holly Avenue (Schurr Street - Dead End) Completed
Mapleview Avenue (Shaver Road - Schurr Street) Completed
Schurr Street (Oakleaf - Dead End) Completed
Sugarloaf Avenue (Shaver Road - Schurr Street) Completed
Bacon Avenue (Portage Road - South Westnedge Avenue) Completed
Oakland Drive (Shaver Road - West Osterhout Avenue) Completed
Vanderbilt Avenue (Shaver Road - Oakland Drive) Completed
West Melody Avenue (Shaver - South Westnedge Avenue) Completed