Brush Pickup

Curbside Brush Collection Program

The City of Portage operates a brush collection program that includes the collection of loose brush during the months of January, May, July, and October.  The program also includes the collection of Christmas trees in January and bagged leaves/ornamental grasses in May.  For collection purposes, the city is divided into four collection zones. View the collection zone map.

2023 Brush Collection

Zone #May 2023 Brush Collection Weeks
Zone 1
Week of May 1
Zone 2
Week of May 8
Zone 3
Week of May 16
Zone 4
Week of May 22
Zone #July 2023 Brush Collection Weeks 
Zone 1Week of July 3
Zone 2Week of July 10
Zone 3Week of July 17
Zone 4Week of July 24
Zone #September/October 2023 Brush Collection
Zone 1Week of  September 25
Zone 2Week of October 2
Zone 3Week of October 9
Zone 4Week of October 16
Zone #January 2024 Brush Collection
Zone 1Week of January 1
Zone 2Week of January 8
Zone 3Week of January 15
Zone 4Week of January 22

Program Reminders

  • Residents are asked to place brush at the curbside by 7 AM on the designated Monday for the collection zone.  Branches should be between 4 and 6 feet long and less than 3 inches in diameter.  Each street will be cleared one time and each zone will be cleared within its designated week. Crews will not return to pick up items placed out late.
  • Crews make every effort to minimize lawn damage resulting from the use of heavy equipment for the collection process. To assist crews and avoid potential damage to lawns, residents are asked to please move brush to the edge of the curb on the Monday of your collection week. 
  • Brush may also be placed directly onto the street, but must not obstruct traffic or pedestrian use of the roadway. A small amount of debris may be left after the brush is removed; citizens are asked to assist with the cleanup of the leftover debris.
  • Residents are reminded that the collection of materials in each zone BEGINS on Monday. Materials may not be collected on Monday; however, each zone will be cleared of materials by the end of the designated collection week.

What Will Not Be Collected?

  • Brush and branches generated from the removal of a tree with a trunk greater than 4 inches in diameter.
  • No parts of a whole tree removed will be collected.  
  • Brush and branches generated from professional tree removal services.
  • Firewood, lumber, timber, building materials, or railroad ties.
  • Roots, tree stumps, or vines.
  • Grass clippings, flowers, weeds, garden materials, leaves, or ornamental grasses.
  • Items placed curbside after 7 AM on Monday of the designated week.

Note: The Quarterly Curbside Brush Collection Program is not performed for commercial establishments, churches or schools, or on private streets (unless every property owner on a private street has signed an indemnification form). Please contact the Department of Public Works at (269) 329-4444 with any questions.