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Boards & Commissions

  1. Board and Commission Application (Rev. 10/2023)

    A Portage citizen interested in serving on an advisory board or commission must be a registered voter of the City of Portage. ... More…

  1. Youth Advisory Committee Sign Up Form

City Clerk

  1. Application for Use of City Hall
  2. Students and Snowbirds (Absentee Voting)

    For residents who spend extended time away from Portage and would like to be mailed their ballot every election.

  1. Monument Foundation Request Form

    Order form for grave marker cement foundation.

Contact Information / Customer Service / Site Webmaster

  1. Complaint Resolution

    Use this form to log a complaint about city services with the Office of the City Manager.

  2. Contact Us

    Use this form to contact a department. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT A POLICE, FIRE OR MEDICAL EMERGENCY - DIAL 9-1-1. To report a... More…

  1. Contact the Webmaster / Troubleshoot Problems With This Site
  2. Portage Employee Customer Service Award Nomination


  1. Green-A-Thon Exhibitor Sign-up

    Please complete the following form if you are interested in setting up a booth at this event.

Finance & Purchasing

  1. Paperless Utility Billing

    Paperless billing will begin (or be discontinued) by filling out this form. The service starts (or ends) with your next quarterly... More…

Fire Division / Police Division / Public Safety

  1. Alarm Users Permit Application

    This permit is authorization for an alarm system for the above location only

  2. Business Emergency Information Form
  3. Officer Conduct Form

    Customer Service is a priority of the City of Portage. Your comments are appreciated. Remember to include your contact information to... More…

  4. Report a Crime
  1. Bicycle Registration Form
  2. Chemical Survey
  3. Recreational Fire Permit

    Submit this form to apply for a Recreational Fire Permit from the Department of Public Safety - Fire Division.

  4. Residential Emergency Information Form

Parks and Recreation

  1. Application for Parks Mobile Food Vendor/Food Truck/Concessionaire

    In order to operate a mobile food truck/cart in the City of Portage park system, all food vendor vehicles or carts engaged in the... More…

  2. City of Portage Junior Ranger Club Release of Liability Form
  3. Portage Arts Committee Application

    A new Arts Committee has been formed under the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board to assist in expanding the arts in Portage. Members... More…

  4. Portage Farmers Market Musician's Application 2023
  5. Walk/Run Facility Use Permit / Release Liability Waiver
  1. City of Portage Junior Ranger Club Registration Form
  2. Portage Arts & Craft Market Application 2023
  3. Portage Farmers Market Application 2023
  4. Portage Holiday Market Application 2023
  5. Walk/Run Special Event Application

Portage Community Senior Center

  1. Donor Wall Inscription

    Please complete this form to submit the donor wall inscription for your pledge to Engage. Empower. Enrich. A Campaign for the Portage... More…

Portager Newsletter

  1. Request to Be Added to Portager Newsletter Mailing List

    Non-residents and businesses located outside the City of Portage may be added to the Portage newsletter mailing list by submitting this... More…

Transportation & Utilities

  1. Hampton Creek Bog Flooding Damage Assessment Report
  1. Storm Water Management Feedback Form

    Please read the Storm Water Management Plan and then submit your feedback.


  1. Community Beautification Volunteer Application

    There are many opportunities for individuals and groups of all sizes to make a difference in Portage! Church groups, corporate citizens... More…