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Application for Parks Mobile Food Vendor/Food Truck/Concessionaire

  1. Have you or anyone who will be working at the unit been convicted of a felony under the laws of the State of Michigan, United States or any other state within the United States?*
  2. I understand by signing this agreement that a background check will be conducted*
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  5. Interested Event Dates:
  6. Operational Rules:

    • No mobile food vehicle/cart shall park, stand or conduct business within areas of the city or parks where the truck/cart has not been authorized to operate. A mobile food vehicle registration does not grant or entitle the vendor to the exclusive use of any park or area.

    • Food Truck spacing has to be a minimum of 10 feet from any item.

    • The customer service area for mobile food vehicle/cart shall be on the side away from streets, and toward lawn, patio or sidewalk when parked for the safety of all patrons.

    • Mobile food vehicles/carts will not be allowed on public streets, but shall be parked in pre-approved areas within the parks, upon payment of a $25/daily fee.

    • Food vendor off-street parking set-up must adhere to the following: Vehicles/carts must be placed in a manner not to cause safety concerns, such as blocking a fire lane, emergency building exits, obstruction of sight at access driveway, or blocking sidewalks)

    • Hours of operation will be limited to those specified on application (FYI: typical hours have included a range such as 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)

    • All food shall be prepared, sold, and displayed from inside of the vehicles/cart.

    • No mobile food vehicle/cart vendor shall set up a dining or cooking area outside of the truck including but not limited to tables and chairs, grills, booths, stools, benches or stand up counters.

    • There will be no sound amplifying equipment with the exception of a portable generator which must meet the requirements of Chapter 24, Article 4 (Noise).

    • All mobile food vehicle/cart vendors shall offer a waste container for public use which the vendor shall empty at its own expense each day, including all trash and gray water originating from the operation of mobile food vehicle/cart. Food, spills or garbage from patrons shall be cleaned up.

    • Signage is allowed on mobile food vehicles, and one free-standing temporary sign is permitted, not to exceed 40 square feet.

    • No flashing or blinking lights are allowed on mobile food vehicles/carts.

    • Awnings and umbrellas attached to food truck shall have a minimum clearance of 7 feet between the ground level and the lowest point of the awning/umbrella or support structure.

    • Any power required for the mobile food vehicle/cart shall be self‐contained and shall not use utilities drawn from the public, unless written permission is obtained and in conjunction with a City event, program or activity. Power cords shall not cross any sidewalk, path, or street and any extension cord must be one continuous cord. If multiple cords are used for long distances than a verification on the cord size and power source must be provided to ensure proper matching to prevent overload of receptable and/or cord.

    • If permission to use a generator is provided then there can be no fueling on site during event, and location of generator. For generators on unit, the slide out tray cannot be in the direction of pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

    NOTE: Food trucks/vendors/concessionaries utilizing city park property and/or facilities for a longer period of time (such as up to 6 months) will be contracted separately by the Parks office.

  7. Operational Rules Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that 1) you have read and understand the Operational Rules.

  8. Electronic Signature Agreement

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