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1. When may I register to vote?
2. Do I have to register for each election?
3. Where can I register to vote?
4. May I register to vote by mail?
5. Can I vote by absentee ballot?
6. May I pick up an absentee ballot for my spouse?
7. I have power of attorney for my spouse, can I pick up an absentee ballot for him/her?
8. How do I get to vote absentee in every election?
9. Can you automatically mail me a ballot for each election?
10. How can I be added to the Permanent Absentee Application List?
11. I’m on the permanent list, why didn’t I receive a ballot?
12. If I am on the list or receive an absentee ballot do I have to vote absentee?
13. What more can you tell me about the voting machines?