I’m a business owner and want to build a new facility in Portage. What is the process?

The Department of Community Development provides a full range of services to the business community.  If your business is contemplating a new or expanding facility in Portage, the Department of Community Development will provide the support needed to see your project through to completion.

To assure that your projects proceeds on schedule, a four step Development Review process is followed that begins with 1) Development Plan Approval, 2) Building Plan Approval, 3) Construction Inspections and finally 4) Final Occupancy Approval.  The City of Portage Development Review Team is ready to work with your team through the four step process.  The Development Review Team meets on a weekly basis to review ongoing projects that keeps work moving along in a timely manner.  This comprehensive approach to planning and executing projects enables business owners to save time and minimize costs.  Team members work with designers and builders to solve complex issues and ensure that project planning, zoning, engineering, utility and fire safety details are consistent with standards adopted by the City of Portage.

In business, time is money and it is important to know that the Department of Community Development is working expeditiously for you to provide a thorough, consistent and efficient process for the review and approval of your important project.  For further information on the Development Review process, view our Guide to Development (PDF) or contact the Development Officer at 269-329-4474.

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1. I’m a business owner and want to build a new facility in Portage. What is the process?
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