Mixed-Use Zoning Options

The city offers several mixed use and/or flexible zoning options to promote greater flexibility and more creative/imaginative design emphasizing a mix of different types of uses.  The following is a summary of the development tools offered in the Zoning Code:

PD, Planned Development (Section 42-370 through 42-375) – The Planned Development district allows for a variety of housing types and non-residential uses, while providing flexibility in lot size, housing size and building setbacks.  Up to 20% of the land area within a PD can be utilized for non-residential uses.  

OTR, Office, Technology, Research (Section 42-390 through 42-394) – The Office, Technology, Research district encourages a mixture of office, R&D and complimentary land uses such as restaurants, health and fitness facilities, and child care centers in a planned campus setting.  Reduced building setbacks are provided to facilitate development in OTR districts.

CPD, Commercial Planned Development (Section 42-410 through 42-414) – The Commercial Planned Development district permits a mixture of office, commercial and service land uses in a planned manner and permits flexibility in building design, building placement and other site design elements. 

CCA, City Centre Area – Mixed Use Floating District (Section 42-434 through 42-438) – The City Centre Area district is intended to promote a more urban and pedestrian-friendly mixed use commercial/residential area as envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan.  Flexible design options are available and include no or reduced building setbacks, limited restrictions on building height, mixed commercial/residential buildings, among others.

CCMU, Commercial Corridor Mixed Use Floating District (Section 42-439 through 42-443) –  The Commercial Corridor Mixed Use district promotes residential uses together with office and business uses in a more compact form of development.  Up to 20% of the land area within a CCMU district can be utilized for residential uses.  This zoning district encourages flexibility in building design, building placement and site design elements.

Work/Live Accommodations (Section 42-137) – The Work/Live Accommodations permits an on-site dwelling unit accessory to a commercial use.  The intent of this zoning tool is to encourage a diversity of land uses and provide start-up locations for new businesses. Work/live accommodations are permitted certain office and business districts and are subject to site development standards and a special land use permit.