Strategic Plans, Studies and Policies

The City Administration and the Department of Community Development have developed several plans that articulate the long-term vision of the City of Portage, identify goals and objectives for future growth and redevelopment, and outline various implementation strategies to achieve the community vision and goals.

In addition, several of these plans are the basis for local regulations regarding land use, transportation, and community quality, amongst others.  

For assistance or answers to questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Community Development at 269-329-4477 or via email.

CDBG and Housing Plans

2021-2025 Consolidated Plan

2022-2023 Annual Action Plan

2022 CDBG Program Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report

2020 City of Portage Housing Study

2019 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

Capital Improvement Program

2021-2031 Capital Improvement Program

2015 Complete Streets Policy

Comprehensive Plan

2014 Comprehensive Plan

Community Snapshot - 2014 Comprehensive Plan Appendices

Public Input Summary - 2014 Comprehensive Plan Appendices

Housing Market Reports

2024 Market Analysis Presentation

2023 Strategic Market Analysis

2023 City Centre Summary

2023 Crossroads Mall Area District Summary

Lake Center District

2023 Lake Center District Summary

Lake Center District Study

Lake Center Market Strategy

Retail Analysis

2020 Portage Retail Market Analysis

2016 City Centre Target Market Analysis (TMA)

Vision Plan

Portage 2025 Final Report

Notable Master Plans