Capital Improvement Program

Help Shape the Future of Portage 

Public Input Sought on Capital Improvement Program 

During September, the City of Portage begins the annual process to update the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The CIP is a ten-year planning document intended to facilitate the orderly forecasting of infrastructure improvements; maintain, preserve, and protect the city’s existing infrastructure system; provide for the purchase or scheduled replacement of equipment; and identify funding sources. The CIP ensures the efficient delivery of services that residents and business owners desire.  

Examples of public infrastructure improvements include:    

  • Public streets, non-motorized transportation (sidewalk, bike lanes, and multi-use trails), municipal water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage facilities.
  • Parks and other public recreation and cultural opportunities, public facilities such as City Hall, Senior Center, Public Services, and technology investments. 
  • Public safety equipment and vehicles.

The CIP is a key financing and implementation tool for City of Portage planning efforts, such as:

  • The Comprehensive Plan, which addresses long-term goals and needs pertaining to land use, the transportation network, recreation, and open space, natural/cultural resources, economy and marketplace, utility infrastructure, and community facilities;
  • Strategic plan studies such as the 2015 Wellhead Protection Plan, 2018 Water Reliability Study, Storm Water Design Criteria Manual, and;
  • Periodic municipal facility audits, annual reports (e.g. utility operation and maintenance reports, annual traffic count and signal studies), citizen surveys; among others.CIP Survey Graphic

Participation helps ensure that decisions made on capital investments address the needs of the community. 

Public participation from Portage residents, business owners, and interested stakeholders is encouraged. To garner public input and citizen engagement, an online survey is available during September 2021 for interested persons to submit ideas for capital improvement projects and/or provide feedback on projects already in the planning stages. Please click the image above or visit to take the 2022-2032 Capital Improvement Program Survey.

Schedule and Meetings

The following schedule will be followed in the development of the CIP over the next several months, including public meetings.

  • September 2021: On-line Survey is open
  • October – November 2021: CIP projects proposals developed
  • November 2021 – January 2022: City Administration review of CIP projects
  • February 2022: Planning Commission review of draft CIP
  • February 2022: City Administration prepares final draft CIP
  • March 2022: Planning Commission review of final draft CIP
  • April – May 2022: City Council budget workshops and review of final draft CIP
  • May 2022 (second City Council meeting): City Council approves budget and final CIP

For more information about the City of Portage Capital Improvement Program, please contact the Department of Community Development at 329-4477.