Vote by Mail

All registered voters in Michigan can vote by mail using an absentee ballot.  You don't need a reason. Voting with an absentee ballot allows you to vote prior to Election Day without leaving your home.  

February 27, 2024 Presidential Primary - Choose your ballot type!

To submit your ballot type online, click here

Permanent Absentee Ballot Sign-Up

Are you a resident who tends to be out of town on Election Day?  Are you frustrated by having to continually re-apply for your Absentee Ballot before each election?  You may be interested in signing up for the PERMANENT ABSENTEE VOTER BALLOT LIST.  Recent changes to Michigan Election Law permits a one-time application to receive your Absentee Ballot for all elections going forward. 

Snowbirds & College Students

If you plan to be out of town for a period and need your absentee ballot sent to your temporary address, fill out the online form below and submit to the City Clerk's Office.

  1. Online
  2. By Mail
  3. In Person
  4. Drop Boxes
  1. Submit an Absent Voter Ballot Application 

    State law requires voters to complete and sign an Absent Voter Ballot Application before an absentee ballot can be mailed. You can submit the application online using the link below: 

    Apply for an Absentee Ballot Online

  2. Completed Application

    Submitting a request using the above link submits the application automatically to the City Clerk's Office.  Once we receive your completed application, we will mail out your absentee ballot.  

  3. Complete Your Absentee Ballot

    Once you have completed your absentee ballot, you can return your ballot by mail or in-person to the City Clerk's Office. You can also drop voted absentee ballots into one of the three secure drop boxes at Portage City Hall or the secure drop boxes at Fire Station 2 and Fire Station 3.

  4. Verify Your Absentee Ballot Has Been Received

    You can check to make sure your ballot was received using the Michigan Voter Information Center.  Click the icon for "My Voter Information" and look up your information.  The resulting page will confirm if your absentee ballot has been received. 
    MVIC Opens in new window