Small Unmanned Aircraft System Program


The Director of Technology Services administers the Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Program for the City. The City has four sUAS (a.k.a. drone) pilots who are certified through the Federal Aviation Administration to operate the City Phantom 4 Pro sUAS. The City uses the sUAS for various Public Safety operations, City construction, building and property inspections and special events coverage. 

The flight log is posted here for the public and is updated periodically. If you would like to know more about the City sUAS Program, you may contact the Director of Technology Services at 269-324-9217.

Flight Log 2020

Training Flight5/242.2012N
Training Flight5/3042.1955N-85.645324W
Curfew Enforcement6/242.227230N
Search and Rescue7/2242.20255N-85.600103W
Mutual Aid Preparation6/2542.253635N-85.535251W
Training Flight8/1242.185426N-85.592786W