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1. How can I become a vendor?
2. What are the dates and hours of operation of the Portage Farmers Market?
3. What can I sell at the Market?
4. Can I use the word "Organic" to describe my products?
5. What size are the vendor stalls at the Portage Farmers Market?
6. What will I need to provide for my market stall?
7. How much does a market stall cost?
8. How much notice do I have to give for a cancellation?
9. What type of vendor am I?
10. What time do I need to be set up by?
11. Am I required to participate in food assistance programs?
12. Am I required to have liability insurance?
13. Will there be assigned spaces for vendors?
14. Can I hand out literature and promotional material at the market?
15. Can Cottage Food producers sell food at the Farmers Market?
16. Can I give out samples to customers at the Farmers Market?
17. How do I bring an event or activity to the market?