Can you tell me about the On-Call Firefighter program?

The City recruits qualified individuals for On-Call Firefighter positions on a year round basis. In order to be considered, an applicant must possess Firefighter I, Firefighter II. Hazardous Materials (Operations level) and a MFR license. To become a City of Portage On-Call Firefighter, candidates must pass a written test, a physical agility test and a background investigation process. Some residency requirements apply.  On-call firefighters are assigned to a station and shift and respond to calls that occur while their shift is on-duty. On-Call Firefighters are not expected to respond while they are working at other employment or while in class. The On-Call Firefighter position is an excellent way for an individual to serve the community while also being paid.

The City also periodically has opportunities for untrained candidates to partner with us to earn their Medical First Responder's license and Firefighter I & II certifications.  Applicants must be able to commit to attending all scheduled training sessions, pass a written test, physical agility test, background investigation and post-offer physical examination.  Some residency requirements apply.  To find out when the next opportunity is available, please contact the Human Resource Department.

Call 269-329-4533 for more information.

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3. Can you tell me about the On-Call Firefighter program?
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