How soon should results be noticeable following completion of the permanent solution?

It is expected that results would be noticeable within a year.

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1. Will a new temporary pumping permit be issued by the state before winter?
2. Will the temporary permit allow for a one-time pumping or repeat pumping?
3. What was the final cost of the emergency pumping that was performed in the spring of 2019?
4. What is the new high-water level for the Hampton Creek Wetland Area?
5. When did the consultant measure the Hampton Creek water temperatures? Will the proposed drainage project affect Portage Creek as a certified trout stream due to its low temperatures?
6. What is the expected cost of the proposed design for the permanent storm water outlet?
7. Will there be alternate solutions if the state doesn’t like the proposed stormwater outlet design?
8. What will the effect of the proposed long-term drainage project be to the lake on the Moorsbridge golf course?
9. Did the city’s consultant factor in any potential future developments in the surrounding area that may affect the stormwater levels?
10. What is the current definition of a 100-year storm event? Has the definition changed in light of recent years and storm events?
11. Does the Greenspire Bog vary in water levels as much as the Hampton Bog?
12. Will the proposed project address the surface level water or the ground water levels?
13. The City of Portage project is considered a passive water level remediation project (as compared with the Texas Township active pumping project). Does EGLE have a position on the passive form of
14. Will the proposed passive outlet system address the levels of ammonia and varying pH levels in the area water features that were found as part of the Fishbeck study?
15. Does the proposed plan require easements or permissions?
16. How soon should results be noticeable following completion of the permanent solution?
17. What is the timeframe for getting the new permanent solution in place, including a permitting and construction timeline?