After I make a complaint about an officer, what happens?

If the complaint can be resolved by a supervisor, they will do so. These issues usually involve a question of why did the police do or not do something. If the complaint cannot be resolved at this step, it is documented on a department administrative review form and directed to the Public Safety Director. Minor complaints will be referred to a supervisor to investigate. More serious complaints are referred to Internal Affairs. In most cases, it will be necessary to take a recorded statement from the person complaining. This eliminates any confusion or misunderstanding. Any witnesses will also be interviewed. The employees involved will be interviewed under oath and recorded. Any video, audio, documents or other data will be collected. Internal Affairs will then compile all of this material into a file and refer all material to the Public Safety Director.

The Public Safety Director reviews all of the documentation and makes a determination. If department employees violated department policy, corrective action will be taken. This may range from remedial training, counseling, and up to and including termination. If the documentation does not support a finding of policy violation, no action is taken. The person making a complaint will be notified of the finding in writing.

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