Lake Center Housing Task Force

On June 6, 2023, Portage City Mayor Patricia M. Randall, with the support of the Council, directed the City Manager to assist with the establishment of a Task Force dedicated to the collection of questions and concerns of residents directly affected by two proposed developments:

  1. Austin Landings:* a large new residential development proposed by private developer Dale Kraker for a market rate development in the area bounded by Zylman Avenue, Sprinkle Road, East Shore Drive, and Highland Road to the north of Austin Lake; and, 
  2. Portage Road/Lake Center Housing Development: a 14-acre city-owned parcel off Portage Road and Stanley Avenue that is proposed by the city to be developed for approximately 60-70 middle-income single-family housing units in partnership with city-selected developer AVB.

*The Austin Landings project was withdrawn by the developer on July 25, 2023.

The task force is led by Councilmember Vic Ledbetter and includes Peter Dame, Chief Development Director, and six resident-selected residential representatives of three neighborhoods appointed by the City Council on June 20, 2023:

  • Two residential representatives from the Austin Lake area:  Zachary Mendham and Derek Heath 
  • Two residential representatives from the Portage Road/Stanley Avenue area:  Jim Kalleward and John Taylor 
  • Two residential representatives from the West Lake area:  Michael Cartier and Mary Zoeller

The Lake Center Housing Task Force is assigned the following objectives:

  • Shall be for fact-finding only 
  • Collect and record all questions and concerns 
  • The questions shall be presented to subject-matter experts for answers 
  • Shall meet privately until such time as all answers are received
  • No votes will be taken 
  • Meeting schedule shall be determined by member availability

Housing Task Force Questions & Answers

Below are questions received from the citizen members of the Lake Center Housing Task Force.  The City of Portage response to each question is also shown below. Click the question to expand and view the city's response; click the question again to conceal the response.

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CITY OF PORTAGE:  The most recent plan that has been developed for the project off Portage Road between Stanley and Woodbine is dated June 1, 2023, and was posted on the city website on June 8 after the City Council voted to approve the creation of the Lake Center Housing Task Force.

Portage Road Lake Center Housing Development Concept Drawings

At the direction of Mayor Patricia Randall at the June 6, 2023, Portage City Council meeting, all staff work on this project has subsequently been on hold. At the time of the project being held in abeyance, the project was and remains at the conceptual level. More detailed plans have not been developed.