Parks & Trail Improvements

The following Parks & Recreation projects are designed to enhance our parks and recreation amenities and are part of the Portage Parks & Recreation Open Space Plan

Lakeview Park (Phase I)

Construction Start Date: Spring 2024
Anticipated Project Completion: Fall 2024

Lakeview Park, a beloved community space founded in 1970, is currently undergoing a transformative renovation to revitalize its aging amenities, most of which were originally constructed in the 1970s and 1980s. Following a public input meeting organized by Portage Parks & Recreation in May 2022, the city has made adjustments to the project’s design to better align with the preferences and needs of the community. As one of the city’s oldest parks, boasting 1,200 feet of shoreline along Austin Lake, the renovation aims to upgrade and enhance the current features enjoyed by citizens, while introducing exciting new additions. Among these enhancements is a new game area equipped with outdoor ping pong, cornhole, and game tables, providing additional recreational opportunities for park-goers. Noteworthy improvements include the expansion and addition of roof structures on the two popular fishing docks, the creation of inviting sitting areas along a new boardwalk with scenic water views, and the establishment of an inspiration garden seamlessly integrated with existing walking trails, offering a tranquil space for passive relaxation. The plan also addresses environmental considerations, such as the removal of invasive plants along the waterfront, the clearing of dead and diseased trees, and the introduction of native trees and plants as part of the park’s land management strategy. In preparation for future developments, utility upgrades are underway to support the construction of a new restroom building, facilitate picnic rentals, and accommodate future electric vehicle charging stations. Construction for this phase of the project is scheduled to commence in early spring 2024, with completion expected by the end of the year. Subsequent phases of the renovation will focus on park rental facilities, parking lots, the relocation and widening of the entrance, and the incorporation of additional amenities. Notably, there are no plans to include a boat launch facility, boat docks, or any alterations to the existing channel under Portage Road. The community can look forward to a revitalized Lakeview Park that combines modern amenities with the natural beauty that has made it a cherished part of the city for over five decades.

Lakeview Park (Phase II)

Engineering Design Start Date: January 2024

Lakeview Park Master Plan

Lexington Green Park Improvements

Construction Start Date: Spring 2024
Anticipated Project Completion: Fall 2024 

A City of Portage park tucked in the Lexington Green neighborhood is undergoing some exciting changes to improve the facilities and amenities. Over the past few years, the city has been working closely with the neighborhood residents to develop a plan for the 23-acre Lexington Green Park that caters to the needs of residents. It has been an exciting and collaborative process, with input from a variety of stakeholders, including families, seniors, and community organizations. The park's renovation project is focused on the west side, with more passive recreational activities to the south and active recreational opportunities to the north. The park will feature walking loops and lamp-lighted trails, a new ballfield, courts for basketball and pickleball, and a bike ramp course. Additionally, a new restroom and pavilion will be located at the park's center, with a large playscape nearby. Recently, neighbors of Lexington Green Park met to choose the playscape equipment they would like to see installed in the spring. The group unanimously chose a playscape with swings, including those for toddlers, and a large unit with multiple slides, ramps, and climbing structures for children of all ages and abilities, along with a fun color scheme. The City of Portage received a generous $500,000 Land and Water grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to match the city's funds for the park's completion and construction. The park designs are finalized and construction is planned to begin in the spring, with completion targeted for December 2024. The playground equipment has been ordered and installation is planned in the spring. We hope that the result will be a beautiful and functional park that enhances the quality of life for everyone in the Lexington Green neighborhood.

Lexington Green Improvement Map
Lexington Green Playground

Farmers Market

  • Pending Site Selection
  • Engineering Design Start Date: Spring 2024
  • Anticipated Project Completion: Winter 2025

East Central Trail

Austin Lake Trail

The proposed Austin Lake Trail has long been a community aspiration – a non-motorized, paved off-road trail spanning three miles from the southern city border along the scenic east side of Austin Lake to Zylman Road. The trail would serve as a vital connection to the Vicksburg Trail. A draft of the proposed Austin Lake Trail Plan is available for review by clicking on the link below or in person at Portage Parks & Recreation, 320 Library Lane. Written comments from the community will be used to enhance the trail design and to support grant applications to the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Portage citizens are encouraged to stop by and review the draft plan, ask questions, and provide comments. 

Austin Lake Trail Route

Written comments can be sent to: 
The City of Portage
Portage Parks & Recreation
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Portage, Michigan 49002.                                        

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For more information contact Portage Parks & Recreation at 329-4522.

Elijah Root Dam Removal

  • Feasibility Study in Process with Army Corp of Engineers