The City of Portage Code of Ordinances Chapters 14 and 42 were approved by City Council, effective June 2020, and updated May 2023.  These ordinances assist in the regulation and licensing of all marijuana facilities within the City of Portage.

The specific ordinances related to marijana are available:

Marijuana Chapter 14 

Marijuana Chapter 42


The application window for the 2023 calendar year is open.  There is no closing date at this time.  Applications are received on a first-come, first-served basis. (The City of Portage reserves the right to alter an application deadline.)

Marijuana Application

Applications must be submitted in person, by appointment only, during normal city business hours and must include a signed and completed application form, all attachments required in the application and the $5,000 permit fee.  To schedule an appointment, call the Office of the City Clerk at 269-329-4511.

All applicants MUST have received pre-qualification from the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency in order to have their application considered. There are no exceptions.  


Staff is no longer taking location eligibility inquiries via phone or in person.  For location eligibility inquiries, please complete and submit the Location Confirmation Form.  This requires a $155 payment, per parcel.  This review is performed by the Department of Community Development (269-329-4477).  Staff will then follow-up with the request by indicating the parcel’s eligibility.

For informational purposes, the following are maps of potential marijuana business locations.  These maps are considered approximate and all properties must be individually evaluated to ensure they meet ordinance requirements.    

Map of Potential Provisioning Center Locations

Map of Potential Grow, Processor, Microbusiness, Safety Compliance and Secure Transporters