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To operate a mobile food truck/cart in the City of Portage park system, all food vendor vehicles or carts engaged in the business of cooking, preparing, and distributing food or beverages in public areas are required to be registered with Portage Parks & Recreation. Only those trucks/carts that are registered with Portage Parks & Recreation will be eligible to sign up to operate at specific parks and/or events located within the park system on a per-day basis. Being registered does not guarantee any desired location or day will be available. Sign-up for all park sites will be on a first-come, first-pay basis. However, Portage Parks & Recreation will select Food Trucks at their discretion for all events/tournaments based on the needs of those events.

Those interested must submit all necessary paperwork along with a list of the events/tournaments they are interested in. The Coordinator in charge of that event will be in contact with you should you be selected. This registration only applies to the City of Portage Park System and does not grant any authorization in other City locations.

Mobile Food Vendors and concessionaires will be able to temporarily located in designated areas in the Portage Park system only and engage in the sale and distribution of ready-to-eat food in individual portions to the general public directly from the vehicle/cart for a minimum of two hours during designated park hours. There will be a daily fee or event fee to sign up for operation in the Parks.

* If you would like to be a Food Truck vendor, apply ONLINE TODAY:

City of Portage
Parks & Recreation Department
320 Library Lane
Portage, MI  49002

 OR you may email your application and all required documents to: 

Fee Schedule: 

  • Annual Registration: None
  • Park Site: $25/day (within designated hours on a daily permit)
  • Event/Concert: $50/event or concert 
  • Tournaments: $100/day

Required Documents: 
To register as a Mobile Food Vendor and be eligible to sign-up to operate on public park property, the owner/operator must submit a complete application to the City of Portage Parks & Recreation Department, located 320 Library Lane, Portage MI, which includes:

  • Complete a Mobile Food Vendor Permit/Food Truck/Concessionaire application.
  • The food truck/cart must be licensed by a County Department of Health and Community Services, with copies of licenses/permits submitted with the application. (Mobile Food Service License (MCL 289.6135) is required for hot dog stands, ice cream trucks, push carts, etc. A Special Transitory Food License (MCL 289.6137) is required for food trucks.)
  • Copy of your Fire Marshal safety inspection approval (
  • Copy of your organization's certificate of General Liability Insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence. Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Coverage shall include all owned vehicles, non-owned, and hired vehicles. All coverage shall be endorsed to reflect the following as Additional Insured: "City of Portage, its elected or appointed officials, employees, volunteers, boards, commissions, representatives, and agents". (It is understood and agreed by naming the City of Portage as additional insured, coverage afforded is considered to be primary and any other insurance the City of Portage may have in effect shall be considered secondary and or excess.) • Agree to permission for COP Human Resources Department to conduct a background check.
  • There will be a sign-up fee as indicated below above.
  • There is no annual registration fee
  • Registration will be valid from the time of approval through December 31, 2024.

Operational Rules:

  • No mobile food vehicle/cart shall park, stand, or conduct business within areas of the city or parks where the truck/cart has not been authorized to operate. A mobile food vehicle registration does not grant or entitle the vendor to the exclusive use of any park or area.
  • Food Truck spacing has to be a minimum of 10 feet from any item.
  • The customer service area for mobile food vehicle/cart shall be on the side away from streets, and toward lawn, patio, or sidewalk when parked for the safety of all patrons.
  • Mobile food vehicles/carts will not be allowed on public streets but shall be parked in pre-approved areas within the parks, upon payment of a $25/daily fee.
  • Food vendor off-street parking set-up must adhere to the following: Vehicles/carts must be placed in a manner not to cause safety concerns, such as blocking a fire lane, emergency building exits, obstruction of sight at access driveway, or blocking sidewalks)
  • Hours of operation will be limited to those specified on the application (FYI: typical hours have included a range such as 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)
  • All food shall be prepared, sold, and displayed from inside of the vehicles/cart.
  • No mobile food vehicle/cart vendor shall set up a dining or cooking area outside of the truck including but not limited to tables and chairs, grills, booths, stools, benches, or stand-up counters.
  • There will be no sound amplifying equipment with the exception of a portable generator which must meet the requirements of Chapter 24, Article 4 (Noise)
  • All mobile food vehicle/cart vendors shall offer a waste container for public use which the vendor shall empty at its own expense each day, including all trash and gray water originating from the operation of mobile food vehicle/cart. Food, spills, or garbage from patrons shall be cleaned up.
  • Signage is allowed on mobile food vehicles, and one free-standing temporary sign is permitted, not to exceed 40 square feet.
  • No flashing or blinking lights are allowed on mobile food vehicles/carts.
  • Awnings and umbrellas attached to food trucks shall have a minimum clearance of 7 feet between the ground level and the lowest point of the awning/umbrella or support structure.
  • Any power required for the mobile food vehicle/cart shall be self‐contained and shall not use utilities drawn from the public, unless written permission is obtained and in conjunction with a City event, program, or activity. Power cords shall not cross any sidewalk, path, or street and any extension cord must be one continuous cord. If multiple cords are used for long distances then a verification of the cord size and power source must be provided to ensure proper matching to prevent an overload of receptacle and/or cord.
  • If permission to use a generator is provided then there can be no fueling on-site during the event, and the location of the generator. For generators on the unit, the slide-out tray cannot be in the direction of pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

NOTE: Food trucks/vendors/concessionaries utilizing city park property and/or facilities for a longer period of time (such as up to 6 months) will be contracted separately by the Parks office.

Friday at the Flats:

Portage Parks & Recreation would like you to join us on select Friday nights throughout the year to sell your product at the Celery Flats Pavilion (7335 Garden Lane). Food truck and cart owners must register by submitting an application and copies of licenses, permits, and insurance certificates. Sites are limited and can be reserved on a first-come, first-pay basis for a $50 daily permit fee. For more information, call Portage Parks & Recreation at (269) 329-4522.

Food Truck Location Map


During your visit to any Portage Parks facility, you may be photographed, videotaped or filmed by City of Portage Parks representatives or other authorized parties. Your attendance/admission serves as permission for use of these images by the City of Portage.