About Portage

Two children smiling with face paint on their cheeks

Vibrant City, Sustained Quality

Portage has shown itself to be the municipal equal to a renewable resource. The city offers its citizens a dynamic living environment, energized and sustained by quality of life characteristics that are unmatched in the region, punctuated with great retail, and enriched by a unique pledge to share the natural environment with its citizens.

Excellent Living

Portage residents enjoy affordable housing with low taxes, safe and well-maintained neighborhoods, world-class healthcare, enriching activities and entertainment, and a unique parks system that connects citizens to each other and the natural world.

Rewarding Future

Portage has a great past and its citizens anticipate a rewarding future for their children and grandchildren. The people of Portage have a character and willingness to make our city a special place to live, work and play. The city continuously engages its citizens to address current challenges and develop a future vision for our community - and ultimately ensure the city remains A Natural Place to Move.