Code Enforcement

The Fire Division is responsible for enforcement of the International Fire Code, which is the adopted fire code for the city. Copies of the code are available for viewing at:

Fire Station #1
7830 Shaver Road
Portage, MI 49024
City Hall - City Clerk
7900 S Westnedge Avenue
Portage, MI 49002

Code officials are responsible for enforcing requirements during planning, construction and occupancy. The Code officials are also responsible for approval of all new building sites and developments to insure adequate emergency vehicle access and water supply for firefighting.

Michigan Bureau of Fire Services: Several occupancy types such as schools and medical facilities are regulated and inspected by the Michigan Bureau of Fire Services and not by the city.

Business Inspections: Portage firefighters perform inspections of all commercial, industrial and retail businesses located in the City of Portage. Inspections are not generally announced, although every effort is made to minimize disruption to business activities. Please review the Fire Inspection Guide for additional information regarding inspections.