City Charges

Property Taxes

The Treasury Office sends out tax bills to correspond with the summer and winter tax billing cycles. Summer bills are sent in mid-July and carry a September 14 due date. Winter bills are sent out just before Thanksgiving and carry a February 14 due date. Original tax statements are always sent to the owner of record at the time the bills are generated. If a mortgage company or an escrow agent requests a copy of the taxes, listings are sent once the original statements are mailed to the owners. The Treasury Office is responsible for collecting the taxes and distributing collections to the various tax supported entities - schools, county, library, KVCC and the intermediate school district.

Special Assessments

The Treasury Office distributes billings in July each year for those parcels affected by special assessments for water, sewer and city street improvements. These billings carry an August 31 due date and represent the annual installment of the multi-year special assessment obligation. See the Understanding Property Taxes and Special Assessments Brochure on the right.

Water & Sewer Billing

Each of the approximately 16,000 city utility customers receives four billing statements annually. To determine when you will receive billing statements, please view the utility billing map on the right. The Treasury Office maintains records of all utility accounts and is responsible for timely collection of all charges as well as administering delinquency processing as required by City Ordinance.

Building Permits, Miscellaneous Billings & Other City Charges

The Treasury Office collects monies for charges initiated by other departments, such as:

  • Building Permits by Community Development
  • False Alarms and Emergency Response Charges Initiated by the Police and Fire Departments
  • Parks and Recreation Charges and Fees
  • Retiree Health Billings
  • Senior Center Charges