Portage 2025 Visioning Project

2025 Visioning Project Renewal Event

The process of developing and articulating a shared vision of the future is the first step needed in order for a community to build that future. The Portage City Council, as part of their 2006 Goals and Objectives, identified the importance of conducting a community visioning project.

Portage 2025 Launched in 2007

In 2007, together with City Council and city staff, 133 Portage residents helped to develop the framework for the future of Portage through the Portage 2025 visioning process. Visions and goals for what the community could be like in the year 2025 in seven key areas were developed: Culture and Leisure, Economic Development, Environment and Natural Resources, Human Services, Municipal Services, Neighborhoods and Transportation. The results and outcomes of the Portage 2025 Visioning project are captured in the Final Report at right. A detailed visioning process document was also developed by the city visioning facilitator, Dr. Peter Dams, that provides more extensive detail of the visioning process and how the participants developed their visions and goals.

Portage 2025

2008 Renewal Event

To build upon the Portage 2025 vision, a Portage 2025 Renewal Event was held in 2008. Almost eighty residents reviewed the exciting progress of the first year and created strategies for achieving each area’s top goals. Participants also developed preliminary concepts for a collective vision of the Portage City Centre area. The

Renewal Event Report (PDF) summarizes the input provided by the Visioning participants.

2015 Renewal Event

During the most recent Portage 2025 - Visioning Renewal Event held on October 3, 2015, participants were presented with information regarding community accomplishments, changing demographics new trends and concepts in development since the 2007 and 2008 visioning efforts. Participants used the balance of their Saturday morning reflecting upon the information presented while collaborating with fellow citizens to develop revised visions, top goals and strategies for achieving the contemplated future of Portage in 2025.

The Portage 2025 Renewal Event Final Report (PDF) is a documentation of the October 3, 2015 renewal event, held at Portage Central High School. This report represents the framework for the future of the City of Portage and will serve as the basis for future planning strategies (Council Goals and Objectives, Fiscal Year Budget, Ten-Year Capital Improvement Program, etc.). In consideration of the goals established and affirmed by the Portage 2025 Renewal Event participants, this final report be at the forefront of the discussion during the upcoming January 22, 2016 City Council Goal Setting Session. Furthermore, the City Administration will seek to implement the goals and strategies identified by Portage 2025 participants. The Portage 2025 Renewal Event Final Report and a video of the event can be viewed by following the links to the right.

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