Property Record Information

The Office of the City Assessor is responsible for estimating the value of property, which determines the assessed valuation.  The Assessor does not determine the amount of property taxes; instead, the assessed valuation determines the overall share of taxes paid by each property owner.  Because a property's assessment affects the amount of property taxes paid by the owner, it is important that the assessed value be accurate and fair.

The Assessor estimates the value of a property by first examining and collecting information on the physical characteristics of the property.  Physical characteristics can include, among others, the square footage of land and improvements, whether or not the improvements include a garage, the number of bathrooms and the nature of amenities such as swimming pools and fireplaces.

A property's value can change for many reasons.  The most obvious is that the property changes; a bedroom, garage, or swimming pool is added, or part of the property is destroyed by flood or fire.  For all these reasons, it is important that the Office of the City Assessor has accurate and up-to-date information concerning the characteristics of a property.

Please complete the form below to ensure that the assessment of your property is accurate and fair.  You may be contacted by a staff member from the Office of the City Assessor if there are questions concerning the information about your property.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the City Assessor at 329-4433 or by email.