Portage Fall/Winter Photo Contest Winners Announced

The Inaugural Fall / Winter Parks Photo Contest garnered 68 entries of photos taken in one of the 18 City of Portage parks. The photos were judged by individuals from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. The winning photographers and prize awards in the four categories are shown below.


Seasonal    Flora, Fauna & Wildlife 
1st Place and $75 – Liz Lutz     1st Place and $75 – William Dolak 
2nd Place and $50 – Terry Butcher     2nd Place and $50 – Terry Butcher 
3rd Place and $25 – Ronald Wormbrand    3rd Place and $25 – Misty Jorgensen 
Outdoor Recreation    Youth (14 years and younger) 
1st Place and $75 – William Arneson     1st Place and $75 – Madison Legus 
2nd Place and $50 – Misty Jorgensen    2nd Place and $50 – Abigail Vlietstra  
3rd Place and $25 – William Arneson    3rd Place and $25 – Jenna Vlietstra

The top three winning photographs in each category will be displayed at Portage City Hall during the month of March, along with other entries from the contest.


Clockwise from top left: 1st Place Seasonal: Liz Lutz; 1st Place Outdoor Recreation: William Arneson; 1st Place Flora, Fauna & Wildlife: William Dolak; 1st Place Youth: Madison Legus

Spring/Summer Park Photo Contest

The Spring/Summer Park Photo Contest will begin on April 1 with an August 31 deadline for submissions. Photos can be submitted in the same four categories: Seasonal Changes; Outdoor Recreation; Flora, Fauna, & Wildlife; and Youth (14 years and under).  

Entry costs are $10 for up to three entries per category and $5 for up to three entries in the Youth category. Prizes will be awarded as follows: 1st - $50;  2nd - $35 and 3rd - $25 for each category. Click here to view complete contest rules.