Winners Selected in the I Love Portage! Essay Contest

A City Council Committee read the entries for the annual I Love Portage! essay contest.  Three Winning Essays were selected, along with three Runner Up essays and 31 Honorable Mention essays.  View the winning essays by clicking on the link next to the writer's name.

Winning Essays
Christian Garth – 3rd Grade at Haverhill Elementary View Essay
Jadon Jones – 6th Grade at North Middle School View Essay
Audrey Scanlon – 10th Grade at Central High School View Essay

Runners Up
Maximillian Martin – 5th Grade at Woodland Elementary
Ann Mwanda – 6th Grade at North Middle School
Anum Khan – 10th Grade at Central High School

Honorable Mention
Alexis Bontrager, Central Elementary
Talia Borenstein, Central High School
Dayle Bruns, North Middle School
Samantha Bryant, Lake Center Elementary
Zosia Buss, Lake Center Elementary
Chloe Campbell, Lake Center Elementary
Bonnia Chen, Moorsbridge Elementary
Aidin Chao, Haverhill Elementary
Xavier Clinard, Haverhill Elementary
Alexa Cornelius, Moorsbridge Elementary
Jack Denny, Central High School
Alli Fries, Moorsbridge Elementary
Jacob Fries, Lake Center Elementary
Liah Glidewell, Central High School
Timothy Golub, Lake Center Elementary
Jaden Hanold, Central High School
Charlie Jilek, Moorsbridge Elementary
Liliana Kiszka, Moorsbridge Elementary
Reece Knight, Central High School
Maya Moulton, Moorsbridge Elementary
Sheila Mwanda, Northern High School
Sophia Lin, Lake Center Elementary
Gretchen Nanninga, Lake Center Elementary
Madison Palmer, Central Elementary
Alli Rearick, Lake Center Elementary
Gigi Reid, Moorsbridge Elementary
Sydney Sharpe, Central High School
Julia Strauss, Central High School
Kayla Szymaniak, Moorsbridge Elementary
Kaley Urban, Central Elementary
Bryant Winstanley, Lake Center Elementary

“I very much enjoyed reading the essays of so many Portage students,” commented Mayor Patricia Randall.  “These kids did a wonderful job describing all there is to love about the City of Portage!” 

As the first place winners, Christian Garth, Jadon Jones and Audrey Scanlon will “flip the switch” to light the City Centre holiday display on Saturday, December 2 at 6 p.m. during the Traditional Holiday and Tree Lighting Celebration.