City of Portage Adds Fourth Round of Leaf Collection

The City of Portage shall extend its Leaf Pickup Program for an additional week, beginning Monday, December 4 and ending on Friday, December 8. The table and map below designate the Leaf Pickup Zones and the respective dates for leaf pickup.

Further, the City of Portage Compost Facility, located at 10905 Oakland Drive, will be opened for drop off of loose leaves and leaves in biodegradable paper bags on Monday, December 4 through Saturday, December 9 from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Leaf drop off is for Portage residential property owners only. Leaves from commercial establishments, churches and schools will not be accepted.

“Portage citizens place great value in the city’s Leaf Pickup Program,” said Larry Shaffer, City Manager. “The extension allows the city crews to pick up leaves that have fallen well beyond the date of the originally schedule pickup. Making sure that as many leaves as possible are picked up ensures that the snow plowing efforts are not encumbered with many leaves on Portage streets.”

  • Residents are ask to place loose leaves or leaves in biodegradable paper bags at the curb by 7 a.m. of the scheduled collection date noted below.
  • Loose leaves should be raked off the grass and into the street - or bagged in biodegradable paper yard waste bags - and placed next to the curb as close to the street edge as possible so as not to obstruct traffic or bike lanes. Equipment may damage lawns if leaves are left in the grass areas or ditches
  • Leaves in plastic bags WILL NOT be collected.
  • Please call the Department of Public Services at 329-4444 with any questions.
Collection Date
Monday, December 4  
Zone 1 
Tuesday, December 5  
Zone 2
Wednesday, December 6         
Zone 3
Thursday, December 7 
Zone 4 & Zone 5
Friday, December 8 
Zone 6 & Zone 7

Note:  The Fall Leaf Pickup Program is not performed for commercial establishments, churches or schools or on private streets (unless every property owner on a private street has signed an indemnification form).  Please contact the Department of Public Services with any questions.