Mailbox Repair Program

City snow plow operators make every attempt to minimize damage to mailboxes, but at times this damage is beyond the control of the operator. The City of Portage established a program to repair or replace damaged mailboxes due to snowplow operations. If a mailbox is damaged and cannot be repaired by the city, the mailbox and/or post will be replaced with a standard mailbox meeting U.S. Postal Service specifications (white or black, 6.5” wide, 19” long, and 8.5” high with a hinged door and flag). Damaged posts will be replaced with a standard 4” x 4” wooden post which meets U.S. Postal Service specifications. Those residents desiring replacement of a specialty mailbox and/or post may choose to be reimbursed $44 for the cost of the standard style mailbox/post offered as part of the City of Portage Mailbox Repair Program. By choosing this option, the resident will be responsible for any cost difference and also for the installation.

To notify the city of damage to a mailbox, please use the online Report It! tool or call the Department of Public Services at 329-4444.