Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services

Deputy Director: Christopher Forth
Phone: 329-4474
Email: Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services

The Planning Development and Neighborhood Services division reviews and coordinates private development projects and the ten-year Capital Improvement Program and provides professional services for activities of the Planning Commission. Economic development activities are included in this area, particularly involving the Portage Economic Development Corporation/Tax Increment Finance Authority, Brownfield Authority, Portage Local Development Finance Authority and Portage Downtown Development Authority. The Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services division administers the Land Development Regulations including the Zoning Code and reviews plats, site plans, parking plans and various private development applications. 

In addition, this division oversees a range of housing and residential activities involving the Neighborhood Support Program. Staff also review specific residential construction projects and applications to the Zoning Board of Appeals, respond to citizen requests and administer the Community Development Block Grant Program. This division ensures compliance with city codes to maintain properties and improve neighborhood quality.  Neighborhood Services staff serve as liaison to the Human Services Board.

Housing Programs using federal and state funds can assist income-eligible Portage home owners and Kalamazoo County home buyers. There are two programs administered in Portage: