Community Development

Director: Vicki Georgeau
Phone: (269) 329-4477
E-mail: Community Development
24-Hour Message Line: 269-329-4477

The mission of the City of Portage Department of Community Development is to deliver superior services and programs to the citizens and business owners of Portage.  The Department of Community Development - Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services and Building and Housing Services - exists for the single purpose of providing the full range of planning and development services to all neighborhood residents and community businesses.

The Department of Community Development has responsibility for planning and growth, and for private development projects, in order to maintain and improve the safety and overall quality of life in the community.  The department plays a role in maintaining neighborhoods, encouraging existing business expansion and attracting new business and industrial development.  Activities designed to achieve compliance with city codes relevant to new construction, rehabilitation, housing, zoning and signs, among others, are performed by this department.  The department also administers the Community Development Block Grant Program.  Housing programs using federal and state funds that can assist income-eligible Portage home owners and Kalamazoo County home buyers are administered by the Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services division. 

Permits are often required for various activities within the City of Portage for the services listed above. Most permits, development guides and other resources are available online on the Permits and Informational Forms page.  If you need assistance, or have any questions, please contact the Department of Community Development.