Freedom of Information Act

The City of Portage strives to maintain an open government.  Part of ensuring an open government is strict adherence to the Freedom of Information Act.  A "Summary of FOIA Procedures and Guidelines" and "FOIA Procedures and Guidelines" are available to inform the public on the FOIA process within the City of Portage.  All forms required by the FOIA Act can be viewed under "Resources" located on the right side of this page.  To initiate a FOIA request, a request form must be completed and submitted to the FOIA Coordinator for the City of Portage.  The FOIA Coordinator is the City Clerk.  If a request form is received by fax, e-mail or other electronic transmission, it is deemed to have been received the following business day.  To help defray the cost of researching and copying, the City of Portage charges a fee for processing FOIA requests in accordance with Act 442, PA of 1976.  The City of Portage charges $.10 for each page of a document.  The City of Portage reserves the right to request a good faith deposit if the cost of research time and copying is estimated to exceed $50.00.  The deposit may not exceed 1/2 the total fee.  In calculating the cost of labor incurred in processing the request, the City of Portage is prohibited from charging more than the hourly wage of the lowest paid employee capable of retrieving the information necessary to comply with a request.  Requests can be hand-delivered, mailed to the City Clerk, e-mailed to the City Clerk or faxed to (269) 324-8070.   Once the information has been compiled and notification of availability submitted to the requestor, the requestor has 30 days to retrieve the information.  After the 30-day period, the FOIA request will be considered closed.

Upon receiving a written request, the City of Portage has five business days to do one of the following:

  • Grant the request
  • Issue a written notice denying the request
  • Grant the request in part and deny the request in part
  • Issue a notice extending for not more than 10 business days the period during which the City of Portage will respond to the request.  

Should the request be denied, FOIA provides an appeals process.  Forms related to the appeals process are available under the "Resources" section on the right side of this page.