Environmental Board

Meeting Schedule:  2nd Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall

City Staff Liaison:  Jamie Harmon (269) 329-4422

The Environmental Board is a nine-member board tasked to advise City Council on matters pertaining to the environment and matters relating to the protection and enhancement of the groundwater resources of the city. The Environmental Board is available to ensure the appropriate consideration of environmental and groundwater issues as determined necessary by the City Council.

Listed below are agendas and minutes from past Environmental Board Meetings.  Everyone is invited to attend.

 January 11  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 February 8  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 March 8  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 April 12  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 May 10  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 June 14  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 July 12  No Meeting Scheduled
 August 9  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 September 13  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 October 11  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 November 8  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
 December 13  Regular Meeting  Agenda Minutes
December 14 Regular Meeting  Agenda
November 9 Regular Meeting  Agenda
October 12 Regular Meeting  Agenda
September 14 Regular Meeting  Agenda
August 10  Regular Meeting   Agenda


Garlic Mustard Pull

Volunteers Needed!

The Portage Environmental Board has scheduled two invasive plant species pulls to remove the invasive garlic mustard plant. The pulls will be held on Saturday, May 6 at West Lake Nature Preserve and Saturday, May 20 at the Celery Flats Historical Area. The pulls will run from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Information on identification, removal and disposal will be provided, as well as needed supplies and tools. Interested volunteers can contact the Transportation & Utilities Department at 329-4422 for additional information - or just show up to pull!