Local Officers Compensation Commission

Meeting Schedule:  When called in each odd-numbered year at City Hall

City Staff Liaison:    Adam Herringa (269) 329-4512

The Local Officers Compensation Commission (LOCC) determines the salaries of the Mayor and City Council.  The LOCC consists of seven members who are registered electors of the City, appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by a majority of City Council.  Members of the LOCC serve for terms of seven years.  No member or employee of the legislative, judicial or executive branch of any level of government or members of the immediate family of such member or employee shall be eligible to be a member of the LOCC.

The salaries determined by the LOCC become effective unless the City Council, by resolution adopted by two-thirds of its members, rejects them.  The determinations of the LOCC are effective 30 days following their filing with the City Clerk unless rejected by City Council.  In case of rejection, the existing salaries prevail.

All meetings of the LOCC are open to the public.

 Meeting Date  Minutes Report
 August 20, 2015  Minutes - Draft 2015 LOCC Report 
 June 3, 2013  Minutes 2013 LOCC Report
 June 7, 2011  Minutes 2011 LOCC Report
 June 2, 2009  Minutes 2009 LOCC Report
 June 7 & 11, 2007  Minutes 2007 LOCC Report